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refinery machine machine

refinery machine machine
Product Detailed
Push the repressive plastic into the horizontal rotating cracking reaction kettle,and join the activated clay,alumina and lime a

1.The component of recycled plastic and cracking principle:

Recycled plastic which is formed by polymerization with alkene in oil as a raw material is a solid macromolecular material.And it's called polyolefin,molecular number is about 10 thousand or so;The principle is that it adopts the catalytic pyrolysis method under the high temperature condition to make macromolecular polyolefin break into small molecules of which C5H12~C11H24 etc is components of gas and C12H26~C20H42 etc is components of diesel.Oil refining can get different densities by different temperature period of gas and diesel.20% of these cracking liquid is similar with gas component and it can reach the standard of 90-93 gas after adjustment;80% is similar with diesel component and it can reach the requirement of 0,-10,-20 diesel after adjustment.And they can be as industrial and civil gasoline and diesel,even as power oil.The major chemical reactions are as follows:


     (-CH3-CH2-)n +(-CH3-CH2-)                                                 360°


Among them, C5H12~C11H24 are gasoline fractions,

             C12H26~C20H42 are diesel distillates.

Production process

1. Raw materials control of recycled  plastics

  The plastic in process doesn't need to clean,The process is using special sorters to sort these plastics to make the recycled steel wire,pieces of wood,aluminium plates and stone in recycled plastics separate from plastics,and then dry pressure bread.

2.Catalytic Cracking

  Push the repressive plastic into the horizontal rotating cracking reaction kettle,and join the activated clay,alumina and lime as its catalyst.Then seal and  the feeding inlet tightly after completing the filling by one time,and heat reaches  200-360 degrees to catalytic crack.When the reaction kettle inner temperature reach above 200 degrees,it will produce oil gas.In the beginning,the light component is mainly pyrolysed,and then the mixture of oil and gas from pyrolysis reaction kettle goes into the subsection bag down gas,whose effect is that it integrates the mixture of oil and gas,and these oil gas continues to rise through the tray of Y molecular sieve above the point air bag,catalyzed one time in the gas phase state,and then it is transported into the cooling system by pipeline.And points of heavy oil gas of molecular packet(S2) go into the airtight residual tank and into the waste oil production line. The changing regularly recycled molecular sieve(S3) is recycled by manufactures.The heat source of reaction kettle comes from heating equipment outside the reaction kettle. And it burns in the kettle by heating with the coal and noncondensable gas as the material. The flue gas(G2) produced by heating is cleansing emptily by strong spray washing tower.

3,Cooling system

  Cooling system is composed of 3 level cooling tank and 1 level tube condenser.The oil gas from the points air bag first into a cooling tank(cooling water tank with clip set,cooling in cooling water circulation).After condensing part of oil gas,these oil gas and condensate oil turn into the second and third cooling tank through their respective pipeline,and most of the oil gas are condensated at this moment.These cooling oil go into the multitube cooler to condensate further,and then into the diesel collection cans. A few light oil go into the light components collection cans after cooling through the above of the cooling tank pipeline.And some oil that cann't be condensed mainly about methane,through the pipeline above the collecting cans,go into the kettle to heat by two levels.After burning,it is cleansed by the dust removal equipment.Oil collection tank according to different face can appear stratified.Upper face is oil phase,and the lower is water phase(W1), which part of waste water is processed regularly in the wastewater processor,and used after reaching the standard cycle.

4.Slag discharge system:

    When the materials in the cracking reaction kettle after heating and cooling begin to low the temperature,and the water ring airtight vacuum system behind the collecting cans begin to work,and extract the residual gas and put them into the cooling system.Those gas that can not be cooling go into the noncondensable gas combustion system suppling another line of temporary storage of buffer tank in gas.Finishing taking out these residual gas,open the slag mouth,sludged by feeder spiral out.And the recycled sludge(S4) is collected for making bricks or as fuel to replace coal burning in the furnace.

refinery machine machine

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